Coaching Journal 12/19/17

Note: Coaching Journal is a quick, short but to the point post about the most recent game I coached. The point of a coaching journal is to have an immediate reaction and thought written down for future reference. Read Here to learn more about my reasons behind journal entries.

Primary Outcome: "Lost a close game to a very good team."
- Why #1: Silly, lazy turnovers in key moments of the game
- Why #2: Poor late game execution
- Why #3: Slow recognition of the situation on my part
- Why #4: Foul trouble
- Why #5: Missed free throws down the stretch
- Why #6: Inability to take away post-dominant player on other team
- Why #7: Players not knowing their role and making mistakes due to that

Quick Reactions:
- Thought #1: I was not prepared as a coach to help assist my players on the court. I missed an opportunity to call a timeout and save a possession I could see was going south.
- Thought #2: In-Game adjustments need to improve both via my communication to the players and the players owning the adjustments given to them.
- Thought #3: I need to help my assistant coach be able to step up in several areas of his responsibility on the bench.

Summary of Game:
- Overall, a well played and hard fought game. The other team executed well down the stretch and we have a few costly mistakes/turnovers that set us back. All in all, hard to be upset about this one as we played very well against a team that beat us soundly (by 20+ points) twice last year. We put ourselves in a position to win and had an opportunity at the end of the game to do so. That's what I asked for from the guys and that's what we succeeded in getting. Wish for a different result but didn't go our way.

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