Please read our frequently asked questions below:

Who Are You?

I go by Coach Ritchey. I am [as of writing] a 3rd year Varsity Boys Head Coach for the Knoxville Ambassadors. I'm still new to coaching basketball but I have 25+ years of playing experience and some skills coaching/training as well. I created this website to help me grow and write out my thoughts as I continue to push my development in a coaching career.

Do you coach full time?

No, currently this is a part-time gig with my old high school program. I was home-schooled and I now coach for a home-school program; the Knoxville Ambassadors.

What are Coaching Journals?

In short, coaching journals are immediate (within 24 hours) posts about the most recent game I coached. It covers the outcome with quick thoughts and reactions to the game. This is to allow me to decompress from the game and reflect on the results at a later date. For more detailed information on my philosophy of writing coaching journals, please read this article.

What are Practice Thoughts for?

Practice Thought entries are short, informal updates on what I'm trying and experimenting with in my practices. I update on what is working well, and what isn't. For more on my practice thoughts, read here.

What are Film Study's about?

These are rare due to the amount of time they take to complete. When I have the time to share, I create and walk you through my approach to watching game film and how I teach my players to break down the opponents. For my techniques and processes, please read here.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to reach out in any of our various social media platforms (listed at the bottom of the page) or visit the Contact Us page. Thank you!