Growing Discipline

Thoughts and efforts to help increase my young, inexperienced basketball teams' ability to play like disciplined veterans.

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Scouting / Film Study

Hudl. Krossover. Other ways to improve your film sessions with your team. Also covered: The importance of studying film and how to do it well.

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Man vs. Zone Defense

My personal opinion on man defenses vs zone defenses. The strength and weaknesses to each style and game situations that call for each.

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Welcome to CYOF!

First and foremost, thank you for visiting! I'm not new to building websites and online communities but I am new to blogging and discussing a growing passion of mine. That passion is coaching basketball. I'm 31 years old and I have been around basketball for as long as I can remember. I love this game.

After literally decades of injuries and fighting to stay competitive physically as a player; I've recently begun (in my 3rd season) coaching my old high school basketball team. It's been a blessing that I never expected to actually enjoy. I'm making mistakes and taking the blame as we grow and develop as a team.

This website's purpose is for me to share, blog, journal, grow, learn, have accountability and ask for help all at the same time. I will do my best to be regular on my posts and hope that you will join me in conversation and working on our craft.

Thanks for visiting! - Coach Ritchey


Where to Start...

Please look around the site and join in on the discussion! I suggest starting with some of the articles listed above or go straight to my blog.